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Service Level Agreements

Our goal is to make your subscription service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Recoverlution utilizes the industry-leading Amazon Web Services cloud storage and content delivery network and strives to achieve no less than 99.9% uptime for all content. Recoverlution is not responsible for force major or other events outside of our control. Platform maintenance that requires the backend to be unavailable is executed very rarely and is conducted at times when platform usage is at its lowest. Any downtime is communicated in advance to give customers at least two weeks’ notice. Maintenance will impact access to the platform only and not impact any online content. A customer’s Master Subscription Agreement (MSA) will govern all SLAs and supersedes this page.

Enterprise Level Support

Recoverlution Support Includes

Assistance and guidance with respect to the use of the Services including

Contacting Recoverlution Support

All requests for Recoverlution support should be sent to All Customer engagements are logged with a Support Ticket. The severity of each ticket is assessed upon receipt with reasonable commercial effort to reply to all tickets within 8 business hours.

Response Process

Once a support ticket is received, it is worked to provide (a) the requested clarification to a fix or (b) provision of a workaround to satisfy your needs. Support responses will come via e-mail unless requested otherwise. In the unusual event that Recoverlution is not working as designed, a bug will be registered and the ticket will be updated until a fix is deployed. If the requested functionality is currently not available, then your request will be documented and relayed to the product team.