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We are who we are

Who We Are


Recoverlution is proud to be the world’s first recovery platform; a hub dedicated to content, community and wellness. We are a growing team of 30+ recovery enthusiasts located in the UK, Denmark, US and India!

Made by people in recovery, for people in recovery. We are shining a light on the positive and transformative power of recovery, and how it can change lives for good. We not only want to help the world understand what recovery is, but to get more people into recovery sooner, and help them stay there longer.

By creating unique and premium content and aggregating a suite of best-in-class wellness services and tools, we’re helping connect the 100M+ global community of people in recovery by providing a safe and secure space to engage with peers, professionals and support groups. Ultimately, we’ve curated a platform that enables recovering addicts to choose the support, and journey, that’s right for them.


Our Values



We are open, transparent, and authentic. True to our roots and values. Recoverlution is a safe place to discover what works for you as a person seeking recovery and intensive healing. 



We believe in our vision, ideas, and each other. There are no restrictions here and personal confidentiality is key to keeping Recoverlution a safe place.



We move as one. The one thing that has been proven again and again throughout time, is that people recovering from addiction need to connect with like-minded others on a regular basis.



We enjoy the journey. Together, we have found a gap in our own recoveries, one that supports continued personal growth, support and healing. To bridge this gap we offer support through a plethora of experience-led, evidence-based, supportive and informative methods.



Daniel Fincham | Founder and CEO

Previously VP at Zmags, a SaaS digital experience platform, Daniel was responsible for building successful teams across the globe, driving customer success and fostering brand loyalty. All as an undercover functioning alcoholic!


Edward Williams | CoFounder and CRO

As a sales leader with a successful background in various sectors, including leisure and luxury goods, Ed brings a wealth of business experience to the Recoverlution team. 


Jacob Midtgaard-Olsen | CoFounder and CTO

Previously CTO at Umbraco, Jacob has been working with cloud-based SaaS products and agile organisations for more than 10 years, initially in development and later in leadership. Jacob is experienced with diverse and complex technical challenges, team growth and scaling of SaaS startup businesses.